Bioscil 100ml

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Intended to take care of Sanitation of your surroundings.

Bioscil is designed for performance profiles with broad range of application fields. Unlike the commercially available sanitation techniques which poses great environmental problem, particularly dramatic in case of biological hazards. Bioscil is composed of new class of chemical compounds in the field of sanitation.

Bioscil repels microbes, So they cannot attach to the surface or reduces microbes in the vicinity, inhibiting the spread of microbial infections and growth of Biofilm.

Water treated with Bioscil can be successfully applied for spraying, nebulization or fogging. Cleaning with Bioscil treated water can be effectively carried out both in farms and clinics.

Properties of Bioscil

Bactericidal, Virucidal, Fungicidal & Sporicidal

Water Soluble

Odorless, colorless

Non allergenic, Non Mutagenic & Non Toxic

Non Corrosive to Metals, Rubber, wood or Plastic

Long Lasting effect

High Temperature & UV Stability

No Development of resistant

Environmental Friendly


1 – 10 ml/ Litre of Water.

Specifications for Bioscil 100ml

Batch No 01 or 02