Digyton drops 30ml

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The Himalaya Digyton Drops is formulated with oil extracted by Shatapushpa, an herb that eliminates gas formation in dogs and cats. For this stimulating the secretion of proteolytic, amylolytic

and lipolytic enzymes that catalyze the digestion of food

Shatapushpa oil stimulates their salivary glands and aids in the primary digestion of food in their mouth. The drops also contain Cardamom (Ela) that relieves stomach bloating. Using this product

regularizes bowel movements and helps in treating gastrointestinal disorders in puppies.


Facilitate the secretion of enzyme that helps in digestion of food

Ensure healthy digestive system by toning digestive tract

Also support during flatulence and abdominal discomfort in puppies

Helps during gastrointestinal disorder caused due to sudden change in food

Key Ingredients

Dill Oil (Shatapushpa) is a carminative that removes gas formation. It endorses digestion by inspiring the secretion of digestive fluids like gastric juices, acids and bile in the stomach. Dill Oil’s

stimulates the salivary glands and aids in the primary digestion of food in the mouth.

Cardamom (Ela) relieves stomach bloating.


The dosage may be altered according to race and / or the severity of the condition or as directed by the veterinarian.


Small breeds5-8 drops twice daily

Large breeds10-15 drops twice daily


Small breeds1-2 ml twice daily

Large breeds3-4 ml twice daily

Kittens 3-5 drops twice daily

Cats 1 ml twice daily


Quantity-30 ml


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