Kawu fleas & lice shampoo 250ml

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Antiparasites Kawu Shampoo.

Permethrin (25 cis: trans 75) 0.2 g piperonyl butoxide 1.0 g; excipient qs 100 ml.

Indications and species of destination: DogsParasites External parasites produced by the following:
Lice: Linognathus spp., Fleas: Ctenocephalides canisC. felis, Pulex irritans.

Side effects: may occasionally occur hypersensitivity skin reactionswhich disappear when treatment is stopped.

Route of administrationTopical.

Dosage: Wet the coat with warm waterpour enough shampoo Kawu Worming and apply a massage fingers up a good lather. Leave for 5 minutes and rinse with water.
Repeat every 2-4 weeks if necessary.

TimeoutNot applicable.

Mode Condition: Keep in a cooldryand protected from light.

Packaging: 250 ml

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