Kawu deodorant shampoo 250ml

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Frequent Use

Shampoo specialy formulated for use in dogs and cats that,for whatever reason,require more frequent baths,cleaning and eliminating unpleasant odors from the animal’s co

Kawu Shampoo Deodorant.

Hygiene deodorant shampoo for dogs and cats.

Composition for 100 ml: Sodium lauryl ether sulfate 18.9 g; patent blue (E-131) 2 mg, tartrazine (E102) 0.4 mg, stabilizer and vehicle qs 100 ml.

Indications and species of destination: Dogs and CatsFrequent Use Shampoohygiene and hair care for dogs and cats of all breeds and agesespecially suitable for cleaning and removingodors from the animal’s coat.

Route of administration: Topical.

Dosage: Wet the coat with warm water and apply shampooRub until rich latherRinse with warm water and dry.

Note: Due to the presence of tartrazine dye may appear in some cases allergic reactions.

Packaging: 250 ml

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