Virbac Nutrich 60Tablets

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Virbac Nutrich presents a rich selection of essential vitamins and minerals to enrich the lives of pet dogs and cats. Vitamins and minerals are necessary for the optimum functioning of body organs and systems, be it digestive system, nervous system, immune system or the health of skin and coat. The daily diet may lack all the elements or may not offer the right proportions. Finicky eating habits of the pet may further promote the deficiency of vitamins and minerals. Virbac’s vitamin and mineral supplement for dogs and cats assures a steady supply of vital nutrients and thus allows healthy functioning of all body systems. An improved growth, robust immune system, better fertility, healthy pregnancy, stronger teeth and bones     , optimum development and well functioning brain and nervous system are some of the benefits of pet health supplements. Feeding Nutrich along with a good quality nutritious food will certainly enhance the life quality of your pet’s life.

Feeding Instruction:
Adult 1-2 tab daily
Pups and kitten ½ tab daily

Specifications for Virbac Nutrich 60Tablets

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